I will work to...

*  Uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights which includes includes the 2nd Amendment.

*  Protect workers against policies designed to undermine safety and unfair pay practices.

*  Update our foster and adoption policies so that our children no longer languish in the system.  

*  Adopt a Grandparents' Right Law for Kentucky's children.

*  Legalize medical and industrial cannabis.

*  Bring affordable healthcare to our citizens.

*  Work towards bringing job opportunities to our counties.

*  Restore the funding for our schools to pre-recession levels for transportation, textbooks,

   professional development, and also fund full-day kindergarten. 

*  Tackle our district's poverty in effective ways through job creation, supporting food supplementation programs, and finding ways of preventing and treating drug addiction.

   These are issues near and dear to me as they support my Kentucky values.