Paula Clemons-Combs for KY State Senate

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Meet Paula

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Paula has been a resident of Breathitt County since she was born many years ago in Johnson County. She attended the local elementary, middle, and high schools in her hometown and later furthered her education at Lees Junior College and Morehead State University. After college, Paula entered her chosen profession as a public school teacher and is currently in her twenty-first year serving the students of Breathitt County. This is where she has come to know many of the issues facing our region through interactions with students, parents, and the community at large.

Paula is committed to the growth and vitality of District 30 and the welfare of those who live here– my family, my friends, and my neighbors. At the heart of this is her belief that we in the mountains have been dismissed from the overall consciousness of the political juggernaut referred to as “Frankfort”. Paula summarizes the district, “Our people may be poor in terms of financial resources, but we are a resilient lot and with the assistance we deserve we can begin to dig our way out of this depressed hole our current and previously-elected leaders have been content to leave us in.”

Seeking the State Senator seat for District 30 is Paula’s first venture into running for office. What she lacks in experience as a professional politician she makes up for in drive and desire – she is fully vested in seeing not just Bell, Breathitt, Leslie, Johnson, Magoffin, and Perry counties prospering again, but also the entire region. After all, she is raising her family here and she wants her children and yours to have a future here. Paula will stay involved with the communities in her district because she wants to see real changes that are positive and can sustain themselves throughout the years.